Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One more note about Chomsky's language module

The QTalk method is aimed at using the simplest technique to achieve this "awakening" effect, getting the dormant "language learner within" (Chomsky's language module in the brain) to WAKE UP! So that before you know it, you produce spontaneous speech! That is, you speak in your new language without thinking, just as you do in your native language.

We know that some people simply don't believe in Chomsky's language module, and that's fine.

What about this:
As a world language instructor you are familiar with the student saying, "I cannot do this," so then there is not the will to make the effort. We want to pre-empt this whole dynamic - just never even let the "I cannot do this" thought occur to the student. They must experience instant success, and this gives the incentive to continue to build on success until they are astonished at their own achievement.

This is Maurice:
“I believe the success of this discovery is aligned with our society’s need for immediate results.
When I first observed language classes, I was surprised that the most basic principles of short and long term memory where not implemented, what a shame to spend an average of 320 hours in Spanish and walk away with a mere ¿Cómo está? or Gracias.”

We are working on our website - soon you will see the reflection of this discussion in our profile and "About Us" pages. We hope you will let us know what you think about this topic.

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