Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teachers can make classroom immersion easy and fun

With group language classes at the beginning level, classroom management is everything. Here are these students - whatever age - and they are asked to make funny noises and listen to a teacher say things that sound like nonsense. Laughter, teasing, embarrassment, or just fear of looking and sounding stupid, can lead to student behavior that distracts the other students who are trying to pay attention and learn something.

Next, you, the teacher, are in disciplinarian mode, instead of fun, engaging dialogue and interactive mode. Now no one wants to talk, and the quiet classroom is under control but the students aren't learning to speak and understand the language.

What happens next? Often, teachers feel they must switch to English (or the students' first language) to explain  or translate. The immersion concept goes out the window, at least for now.

So how do we get to immersion with beginning students, especially when a group of students vary widely in their level of interest in language learning?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Revolutionary new Visually Speaking app will transform language learning worldwide

NEWS UPDATE:  Maurice's new Kickstarter project is for the revolutionary new Visually Speaking app, Maurice has a prototype working for English but now needs help to bring the app to an implementation stage with the proper support and scalability to go worldwide and forever change language learning. Maurice's mission is to increase peace, joy and positive human connections by making it easier for every person to learn a new language. With your help he can do it. Please go to for details and the link to the Kickstarter campaign as well as project updates.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Teacher-Presentation subscription to the QTalk Online Games now includes secure access to our online QTalk Flipbooks. All current subscribers have immediate access to the flipbooks, and new subscribers will be receiving instructions along with their Online Games user guide.

For Chinese only, we are no offering an expanded subscription, called the Chinese Tutor Subscription.
 This will be our premiere launch platform for the revolutionary QTalk Blocks platform we demonstrated at ACTFL and have been sharing in select preview audiences for the past several weeks.
View the video here. If you like what you see, you can buy a Chinese Tutor Subscription today.

QTalk Blocks
QTalk Blocks for Chinese is now available for purchase as part of the Chinese Tutor Subscription. 

下面我将为您介绍QTALK BLOCKS。 这是一款专门为智能型交互电子白板设计的革命性教学软件.
Introducing QTalk Blocks. A revolutionary software for your smart board.
It allows to you to visualize any sentence to students who cannot yet read Chinese characters.
You can click on each picture to hear each word........ or click to hear the full sentence. .....Each word comes with a sound attached to it.
you can decide to show the Chinese characters.....or show the pinyin.....
or to hide the text and only show the pictures.
This simple system allows you to make students understand the vocabulary very rapidly. All images are very intuitive and specially designed to make everyone memorize new words immediately.
Our library contains 1500 images which reflect any level 1 or level 2 course. You can demonstrate any topic and this program is compatible with all text books and will make all students speak in the classroom.
We have designed images to represent the most abstract aspects of the language, including adverbs, time markers, conjunctions, adjectives and of course measure words.
You can easily search for words by browsing your library or simply type and select which word you are looking for.
Easily save your lessons. You can even create folders to group your pages in categories.
This system is the most ideal tool for all teachers wanting to bring true communication in the classroom. Contact us for more information and find out how you can try it in your school right now.
or visit
Teach Chinese to children or adults with Maurice Hazan's amazing QTalk Method. You can use QTalk Blocks to teach Chinese classes using any Smartboard or other digital whiteboard, or a touch-screen monitor or tablet with a high speed Internet connection.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Storytelling with the QTalk Method

QTalk Story Cards
Use a series of scenes to tell a story.
If you are using TPRS or any kind of storytelling in your language classes, you are always looking for new ways to grab students' attention.

Combining food and friends offers a great many story situations that are fun and easy to understand without translating or explaining.

Jumping off from the basic story, you can ask questions, have students ask eachother questions, and for more advanced students ask them to retell the story in a different tense, or write the story in their own words to test their writing proficiency: composition, spelling and punctuation.

For even the beginning students you are able to introduce characters by name then ask, "What is her name? and her name?" then introduce the different foods to make sentences. "What is she eating?"

Lili eats pizza at home with Sophie.
Lili eats pizza at home with Sophie.
If you can bring different foods to class, that provides a very enticing lesson - but it's not always realistic to do this. With the Sapling Book 1 Q-Card set we have a nice selection of food images on magnetic flashcards that can be arranged with the images for verbs such as "to eat" and "to bring" etc.

Want to try this technique with your students?
Check out our Online Flipbooks right now - you can use the samplers with your students and introduce our QTalk visual scaffolding to prompt them to speak and understand without translation.

Then if you'd like to get more story materials, we suggest our magnetic Story Card product, or try the Short Stories module which is part of  as part of our Digital Language System Conversation Suite (aka Conversation Pack DLS).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Maurice Hazan's QTalk Method - who can use it?

Unique, multi-modal visual tools for teaching language.
 For the past twenty-five years Maurice Hazan has been developing and improving on his visual teaching method.

Symtalk customers are now contacting us to ask how they can begin to migrate to QTalk.

Elementary Spanish and French teachers often tell colleagues about QTalk. We know the middle school and high school teachers are talking about us too.

"Julio drinks orange juice."

How do we know you are talking about QTalk? It's easy: we get a dozen phone calls or emails the day you mention us at a teacher workshop or faculty meeting. "I asked for tips on getting my students more engaged, more interested in learning Spanish, and someone mentioned QTalk," or "I saw my friend's son on his iPad playing Spanish practice games online and he said it was QTalk."

Girl in picture is thinking about a birthday cake for her friend.
What is she thinking?
Often the teacher doesn't even know the name of the person who mentioned QTalk - so we don't even know how to contact you and say thank you. But believe us, the gratitude is enormous.

Unlike major publishers we don't have a big advertising budget. Our marketing department is YOU.

So how does QTalk work? Who can use it?

How does QTalk work?

The QTalk Method begins with the most simple of concepts: a picture is truly worth a thousand words. A QTalk Method teacher uses visual prompts - whether individual images, a sequence of images, a scene or a sequence of scenes - to engage students interactively - remaining in the target language 90% of the time. 

QTalk uses visual images to aid in memory encoding and recall.
For more details, visit, but in a nutshell, that's what it's about. The students are speaking 90% of the time, and the teacher is NOT lecturing or explaining.
Teacher uses Q-Cards to introduce vocabulary in complete sentences.
 The teacher is asking questions, directing attention, providing encouragement, and expressing joy and support whenever a student makes even the smallest attempt to express himself or herself in the target language. Corrections are provided in the form of echoing and sandwiching - you'll learn those techniques as part of the process.

Parent helps child using QTalk Online Games
As a teacher using the QTalk Method, you'll LOVE your classes when you see the students lighting up like stars, filled with confidence and pleasantly amazed at themselves.

Who can use QTalk?

Anyone. Our main customer base remains the K-8 Spanish and French language classes in private and public schools here in the United States.

Today, with an expanded set of original publications and online subscriptions along with Maurice Hazan's QTalk student printed books and online flipbooks, as well as magnetized flashcards, classroom games and many other manipulatives and innovative teaching tools, there is actually no  limit to the situations where QTalk can help you achieve success as a language teacher or tutor.

Middle schools, high schools and summer language camps are adopting QTalk for their Level 1 Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and ESL classes. Dozens of tutors are using QTalk Tree books and materials in small group or one on one instruction with college students and adults. An increasing number of homeschool families have adopted QTalk to make the home into a language lab - fun for the whole family!

What's next?

Teens love QTalk.K-8 Spanish and French is where we began. Our Tribeca Language school in Lower Manhattan is teaching toddlers as young as two and seniors in their 80's and beyond. For the QTalk Publishing company, we remain focused on the K-12 schools in the United States, and we are expanding to offer tools for tutors and homeschool families, as well as online solutions for those who are teaching remotely. QTalk Publishing is a sole source provider. Even as we expand and extend the QTalk products and subscriptions, we remain committed to promoting world language education from PreK all the way through high school, for every student.

We will try to come to your teacher conference - please invite us!
rowse the QTalk books and watch demonstrations at our exhibit table.Call us at 1-877-549-1841, option 1. If we don't answer live, please leave a voice mail. We'll be back in touch within a very short while - a few minutes most days, or on a busy day it could be a few hours. Visit our website, register to get free samples and access our Online Games sampler free of charge. Watch our videos on YouTube. Consider supporting our next fundraiser: we will need additional support to complete the Smartphone app and the innovative new QTalk Blocks platforms already in development. Schedule a webinar for our QTalk Education Specialist to present how QTalk as a replacement or supplement can help your school solve any problems you are experiencing with existing curriculum or methods . Engage Maurice Hazan to present a workshop at your next conference or teacher training session. Tell your friends and neighbors about QTalk. We are so grateful for all you are doing, and look forward to continuing our journey together.