Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Teacher-Presentation subscription to the QTalk Online Games now includes secure access to our online QTalk Flipbooks. All current subscribers have immediate access to the flipbooks, and new subscribers will be receiving instructions along with their Online Games user guide.

For Chinese only, we are no offering an expanded subscription, called the Chinese Tutor Subscription.
 This will be our premiere launch platform for the revolutionary QTalk Blocks platform we demonstrated at ACTFL and have been sharing in select preview audiences for the past several weeks.
View the video here. If you like what you see, you can buy a Chinese Tutor Subscription today.

QTalk Blocks
QTalk Blocks for Chinese is now available for purchase as part of the Chinese Tutor Subscription. 

下面我将为您介绍QTALK BLOCKS。 这是一款专门为智能型交互电子白板设计的革命性教学软件.
Introducing QTalk Blocks. A revolutionary software for your smart board.
It allows to you to visualize any sentence to students who cannot yet read Chinese characters.
You can click on each picture to hear each word........ or click to hear the full sentence. .....Each word comes with a sound attached to it.
you can decide to show the Chinese characters.....or show the pinyin.....
or to hide the text and only show the pictures.
This simple system allows you to make students understand the vocabulary very rapidly. All images are very intuitive and specially designed to make everyone memorize new words immediately.
Our library contains 1500 images which reflect any level 1 or level 2 course. You can demonstrate any topic and this program is compatible with all text books and will make all students speak in the classroom.
We have designed images to represent the most abstract aspects of the language, including adverbs, time markers, conjunctions, adjectives and of course measure words.
You can easily search for words by browsing your library or simply type and select which word you are looking for.
Easily save your lessons. You can even create folders to group your pages in categories.
This system is the most ideal tool for all teachers wanting to bring true communication in the classroom. Contact us for more information and find out how you can try it in your school right now.
or visit
Teach Chinese to children or adults with Maurice Hazan's amazing QTalk Method. You can use QTalk Blocks to teach Chinese classes using any Smartboard or other digital whiteboard, or a touch-screen monitor or tablet with a high speed Internet connection.

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