Thursday, January 31, 2013

Laura our director at Tribeca Language is now blogging about how to reinforce language learning at home, and other topics that would probably be interesting to readers of this blog. We think that homeschool parents, private tutors, and even social groups of language learners who are assisting one another, can benefit from many of Laura's tips.

Laura is writing mainly about things the parents can do with their children, but if you read the techniques you can easily adapt to any age group. Also she provides examples in Spanish but you can apply to any language you happen to be teaching or helping another person with.

In our daily lives we can become isolated, the term is called "cocooning" with our media and electronic devices. As always we just want to encourage you to jump in and start talking, talking, talking - but not in a vacuum, not just repeating after a computer. Please, find some real, live person to talk with. It's really the only way you will be able to attain fluency in your new language and by the way, it's good for your overall health and well-being, too!

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